IEA is for all level riders in 6th through 12th grade.  Classes start at walk-trot-canter through 2'6". There is no need in IEA to own your own horse as we travel to horse shows and randomly draw the horse you show.  

Our team does have group practices multiple times through the year but practices are never mandatory. If you ride with another barn and just want to join our team at shows we completely welcome that!

IEA National finals is being held in Harrisburg Pa in April of 2019.



High School:

Rachel Weston (1,6)                   Madison Givant (1,6)
Hannah Byrnes (3,8)                 Emma Pearson (2,7)
Callie                                      Rachelle Dean (2,7)
Kylee Johnson  (3,8)              
Sarah Sessions (9)                    Cora Floyd  (2,7)
Ethne Cooper  (1,6)                 Ava Erickson  (9)
Emma Atkinson (2,7)

     Cassidy Fontaine (2,7)             Mitra Shaffi (3,8)


Middle School:

Kate Kemp  (4,10)                       Keston Ellars  (5,10)

Lizzie Figgess   (4,10)                 Erin Kemp (5,11)

Megan Porter (4,10)                     Bella Connell (5,11)

Emma Arnold  (4,10)                   Sammi Smith - Bailey (12)

Hope Deboo                                  _________________

____________________            _________________